Best Books on The Law of Attraction and Achieving Success

law of attraction einstein quoteIf you’re trying to figure out how to improve your work and productivity habits in order to get a better job, build your business, or create any form of success in your life, there are a ton of helpful books out there for you to choose from.

In fact, there are so many different options available that the challenge isn’t finding a book that helps, it’s finding the right book that will help you.

One subject that has become increasingly popular recently is the Law of Attraction, though many people are still unaware of the almost magical power this simple law has when it comes to bringing you success. If you’re truly interested in transforming your life, here are 3 must read books.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is one of the earliest personal development and success writers to gain fame. Though he, too, had his predecessors, Hill was really the first person to write a definitive one-volume work outlining a clear philosophy of success.

He was mentored by giants like Andrew Carnegie and Thomas Edison, and made connections with hundreds of the great industrialists and magnates of his day in order to compile and write the Think and Grow Rich manuscript.

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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian woman who skyrocketed to international fame with her worldwide success of The Secret. This book and movie outline the basic principles of the Law of Attraction, and give a brief overview of how you can apply these principles to your everyday life in order to increase the good you desire and create wealth, love, happiness, and success in any form you desire.

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You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor

Last but certainly not least is Born Rich by Bob Proctor. This wonderful book, written in the late 1980s, walks you step by step through the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.

According to Proctor, the Law of Attraction is just one of a series of fundamental laws that govern how the universe functions. It is, in fact, a secondary law, which has upholding it the Law of Vibration. According to the Law of Vibration, everything, from inanimate objects to animals to people, is in a constant state of vibration, or wave energy.

We can connect to this energy with our thoughts, and raise or lower our own energy. This supplies the fundamental mechanism that allows the Law of Attraction to work, as we are attracted to things that match our current vibration. To attract anything, then, is simply a matter of moving into the same state of vibration as the object you desire.

Download a free copy here, or watch the video below for a better explanation of how the Law of Attraction works.

These are by no means the only success books I recommend, but they’re definitely the top 3. If you want to read more, I recommend you check out other books and audiobooks by Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rhone.

Which Book Is Best Of The Veronica Roth “Divergent” Trilogy?

veronica rothThere have been many YA series that have come out in recent years. The immense popularity of “Harry Potter,” “Twilight,” and “The Hunger Games” have inspired many other writers. One of the more popular series that has come out in the last few years is the “Divergent” trilogy by Veronica Roth.

Like many other series, this is a dystopian trilogy set in a future where everyone is classified according to their basic personality types. Teenagers have to go through a series of tests to classify them, and they then will spend their lives living with the other members of their faction.

The five main factions are Dauntless, which favors bravery, Erudite, which favors intelligence, Amity, which favors pacifism, Candor, which favors honesty, and Abnegation, which favors selflessness. The main character of the trilogy is a teenage girl named Tris, who learns that she is Divergent, which means that she does not fall into any single faction.

She ends up choosing Dauntless and meets an older boy named Four. Like many YA series, this has a strong romantic subplot. Over the course of the trilogy, Tris discovers that all is not well in her society and she inevitably ends up helping to overthrow the oppressive regime.

I thought that the first book, “Divergent,” was the strongest of the trilogy. Neither “Insurgent” nor “Allegiant” impressed me as much. I think that this is because the first book is the most interesting because it is revealing the world to us. We learn about it with Tris so that there is a natural tendency to identify with her.

I also thought that the world building was not as strong as it might be. The whole idea of a society based on personality tests does not really make a lot of sense. However, it is more believable in the first book because it seems perfectly natural to Tris at first. After all, this is the society in which she grew up.

Over the second two books, however, as she begins to discover the flaws in her society, it becomes harder and harder to take it seriously. This is a real weakness in many dystopian novels. They are, of course, exaggerations and often not intended to be realistic.

If you like YA dystopias, the trilogy is probably worth a read. However, you may be disappointed with it as it goes on.

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